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Truth from the Trenches

Insights from Penton Marketing Services'
2011 B-to-B Marketing Needs Survey

Complete the following form to learn how 3000+ marketing professionals evaluate themselves and their strategic initiatives. This study drives some alarming pain points home — including how many marketers are less than satisfied with the performance of their website, social, search marketing and sales conversion efforts.

Findings included:

  • 81% find online marketing moderately to extremely challenging
  • 77% say their site is not that effective in generating sales leads
  • 74% have not implemented a social media strategy
  • 80% of companies have no resources and budget devoted to website analytics

See how you stack up to the competition!

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Largest B-to-B Marketing Study of 2011
  • Why B-to-B marketers are frustrated
  • How you can gain momentum and market share now
  • Learnings from data collected from thousands of marketing decision-makers
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